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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glitter Emergency - first press

The Glitter Emergency premieres in two days - on Thursday, May 27th - a day after the Bay Guardian's video issue comes out and no I didn't plan that. Nor did I make a ballet film to give the Guardian's dance writer an ideal subject for the video issue, just as I didn't intentionally make Apparition of the Eternal Church on the eve of the Messiaen centenary. You could hate me for having good timing, or you could look at Thursday's weather report.

In any case - here's Rita's story. Favorite quote:

Though Glitter shimmers with rhinestones, confetti, and silliness, like a lot of ballets, its heartbeat is steady and strong. "Do not turn away from the magic inside you," exhorts one of the film's copiously strewn-about subtitles to which our Cinderella responds with the longest batting eyelashes ever seen on a would-be princess.

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