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Sunday, February 6, 2011

22 short films 1968 - 1976

Part of deadline discipline is knowing when you just have to phone it in. Here's this week's retrieval from the archive - stills from the 22 short films, these from my sister's and my childhood. Captions are cursory as I'm posting from a borrowed computer at a birthday party (I am beyond the pale).

Dad holding sis, with Les and Jody, our Berkeley friends


My sister has just smeared Mom with frosting. Ruthie loved it. 

It was at pinata parties that I learned the power of my id. 

With newborn Colin Crawford

The person behind the camera is not doing it right.

Dad and friends spearfished for eel

My sister was a dancing fairy, with unfortunate consequences for me

She stepped over me and kept dancing

Mom, Sis, Dad

With Leslie Heller

Another pinata party

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TwinkleToes said...

Thanks for phoning it in... Some days one must... Thats apart of the commitment...anyway, it proved fun fodder for co~fueling afternoon coffee... Much love dear...x tt