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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Make it a triple

Getting fresh press coverage for a no-budget, self-distributed film you made nearly six years ago isn't just lucky, it's weird. Having your two other films - one you made, another which you served as producer, editor, writer and archivist - also reviewed in the same week is downright spooky.

Having Variety reassign your sex is cool!

Full review here. All my CV needs to know: "Intriguing...entertaining...a valuable record." 

Full review here. All my press packet needs to know: "Fascinating...unique...Festa is investigating a key question about musical aesthetics, and he has invented a methodology to study it which provides very illuminating results. His brilliant use of editing, and his skill as an interviewer, allow the viewer to have many insights into the varieties of musical experience." (I love the sly reference to William James, underscoring one of the film's core preoccupations: music's kinship with divinity.)

Full review here. All Doris Duke needs to know: "Enormous visual and musical inventiveness and strong performances…entertaining, fun, and full of pleasure and joy….(Paul Festa) gives a bravura performance of the Tchaikovsky violin concerto."

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