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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm still here dammit

The last few days several weeks six months have been a blizzard, a blender of deadlines and stress hormones, and now, though I have some practicing and rehearsing to do before the Stephen Pelton Dance Theater open studio on Saturday, and a great deal of thank-you-note-writing and gift-giving in response to the outpouring of generosity I experienced from friends and family leading up to April 18 in Grace Cathedral, my life has finally emerged from its long sojourn in the psychic wasteland of perpetual emergency. I now have time to blog. 

The only problem is that I have so much to blog about that I had to overcome a lot of resistance before opening up this page. I can't do it in chronological order - I'll never get caught up. So here's the most recent thing first, my posting of the video from the SF and LA Messiaen centenary shows. I know this is a lot to ask, because you never write, you never comment, but PLEASE rate and favorite these videos. Random, unpredictable and probably imaginary elements of my plan to dominate the Messiaen centenary depend on it. 

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