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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yesterday, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Leah Garchik picked up the Gatsby story and gave 4/18 in Grace Cathedral a prominent mention. Today's issue of the SF Weekly has a write-up with a nice headline: "Waiter, there's a cultural icon in my sanctuary." There might be one or two more clippings in the offing in the next couple of days, but I feel unlucky saying more.

Heklina talked up the event at Cher night last night at Trannyshack, this despite my failure to materialize, as Death, on time in her opening number ("I Found Someone"). She dressed me down backstage and then needled me about it onstage and so I found myself in trouble for the fourth time for being late, in one form or another, since the run-up to 4/18 began a few weeks ago. I am very much looking forward to the life that begins May 3, when it is impossible for me to be late, because I will have absolutely, blessedly nothing to show up for.

One of the lovely things about conceiving, producing, financing, directing, shooting, lighting, editing, distributing and marketing a film is that it makes writing a novel seem like going on vacation. Far be it from me to complain - I'm really excited about Friday. My foxy Belgian pianist lands at SFO in a few minutes and we have our first rehearsal, at the church, this afternoon.

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