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Monday, May 11, 2009

photo essay: tedious people in drab surroundings

best newcomer

one magic numba

getting my Gono-do

three ways of looking at a screen

Beltaine '06 we found a baby rattler nested in the streamers of the old pole. It was released live, and returned this year all grown up. Hush put it right back where it started.

Apart from Nuh-uh's googly eyes, Most Disturbing prize goes to Jeff Whitty, who came up to me on the knoll on Beltaine and put her hand in my mouth. Was it something I said? No, just the Lady Rizo operating a second set of hands.

At some point it occurred to them they could spend the entire day on the couch.

People brought them coffee and food.

The idea caught on and sofapallooza was born.
Next year it will be a fundraiser, will you sponsor me?


Jeff said...

I am seriously honored to win Most Disturbing Outfit. But how will I ever outdo myself next year?

paulfesta said...

I dunno but hope it involves a prosthesis -

Dugaldo said...

That looks like some hippie ass shit... wish I could a been there. Oh and yeah put me down for 5 bucks a snooz for sofapallooza next year, what can I say... I'm a charitable guy.