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Friday, January 4, 2008

Messiaen movie, Bill Viola, and new trailer

Even as I'm breathless trying to create the book companion to the movie in time for upcoming screenings, plans for those screenings are consuming precious hours out of every day. The great news is that the LA date is confirmed, and the Berkeley Cal Performances date--Jan 25, 7:30 at Wheeler Hall on the UC campus--looks solid too. LA (with Bill Viola!) info below--but let me first post links to the above revised trailer, and the YouTube link for those of you who have trouble with QuickTime:

QuickTime trailer

YouTube trailer (I would appreciate it if you would rate and favorite the trailer!)

LA info:
Saturday, Jan. 19th, 11AM
Apparition of the Eternal Church
a film by Paul Festa
Laemmle Monica 4-Plex: 1332 2nd St., Santa Monica

1PM, same day
panel discussion (with art world superstar Bill Viola) and mini-concert, in which I will give the West Coast premiere of Messiaen's long-lost 1933 violin and piano piece "Fantaisie"
First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica: 1220 2nd St., Santa Monica

FPC Courtyard food service (vendor to be announced) available Noon to I:00 PM

TICKETS: Screening/Mini-concert/Panel $25 general/$10 student


Anonymous said...

What a shame I am finding this so late! Is it possible I will ever see this film in 2010?? Messiaen has been my absolute favorite composer since I was 13 years old. (I am now 49.) Apparition wasn't the first work I heard, I didn't hear that piece until much later. If I'd heard it first I wonder what my reaction would have been. I've had many many highs from Messiaen's other works, especially the ones for organ. As an atheist, Messiaen's works don't evoke anything spiritual in me, I feel they evoke the awesomeness of nature. I hope this film has brought new fans to Messiaen's music, he is just as important as Bach, Beethoven, and the other greats, but still, sadly, underappreciated.

paulfesta said...

How lucky for you to have discovered Messiaen so early. As for Apparition, I believe you can buy it on Amazon.